To Create awareness and Knowledge about Scientific advances ,Research and clinical management in the Fields of Heart , Lung Transplants and Heart failure including assist devices , among Medical professionals and general public and facilitate establishment of Infrastructure in achieving these objectives in India.

To achieve these aims and objectives, the Society shall.
  • Hold periodical meetings, conferences and social gatherings
  • Arrange clinical courses, discussions and demonstration on any subject of interest to the society
  • Actively encourage research, teaching and training programs at various centers.
  • Engage in public education and training with the objective of better preventive programmes for the welfare of all.
  • Publish, distribute or otherwise circulate, records, transactions, proceedings of the various meetings and conferences of the society, publish and circulate a journal which shall have a character specially related to cardiovascular sciences and shall be the official organ of the society.
  • Coordinate as necessary and as seen fit with other Societies or Organizations having similar and allied objectives.
  • Raise and borrow funds to meet the objectives of the society and invest in any funds belonging to the society not immediately required in accordance with the provision of the sec 11(5) of the IT act 1961.
  • Erect, maintain m improve or alter and keep in repairing any building occupied by the society
  • Do all such other acts as are cognate to the objectives of the society or are incidental or conductive to the attainment of the above objectives.
  • 10 Promote clinical advances in the field of mechanical assist devices and artificial organs in the field of end stage heart and /or lung failure.
  • Actively promote research in the field of Heart and/or lung transplantations and mechanical assist devices like ECMO, ventricular assist devices etc.